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The benefits of massage are never ending. Feel good about feeling great! Oasis Day Spa Therapists are state-licensed health-care practitioners.

Your caregiver will expertly apply their knowledge of balancing your body’s energy with physical touch, while focusing on a complete state of health and well being. Please feel comfortable communicating with your therapist concerning pressure, comfort and health care needs. Massage sessions are conducted in only a high-quality, upscale and professional manner. Your therapist will apply aromatherapy oils for Balancing, Health and Well Being.

Communication between you and your therapist is vital, both on and off the table. So please SPEAK UP if any massage causes pain or if the pressure is too hard.

Full Body Massages

Great stress relief for tired, aching muscles. (Aromatherapy can be added to any massage with extra $5)

1 ½ Hour $115
75 Min $95
1 Hour $75
45 Min $65
½ Hour $45
Couples Massage (1 Hour) $175
Couples Massage (90 Min) $255
Hot Stone Couples Massage (1 Hour) $220
Hot Stone Couples Massage (90 Min) $285
Medical Massage $95

Royal VIP Couples Massage

Enjoy this couples massage as you lay side by side with your loved one for a one hour full body massage which features aromatherapy, hot stones, hot towels, and warm bamboo. The room will be decorated with candles and rose petals.

1 Hr $250
90 min $375

Couples/Prenatal Massage

This service consists of a one hour couples massage; with one person, if she is past her first trimester, receiving a pre-natal massage while the other person receives a full body massage.

1 Hr $200

Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai massage unblocks the body's energy channels and performs passive stretch of the body. Improves flexibility, and promotes stress and pain relief. This massage is performed on a floor mat fully clothed.

60 Min
90 Min

The Ultimate Massage

The Ultimate massage is a pain and stress relieving experience. Along with Swedish, deep tissue and aromatherapy your customized massage will include hot stone, stretching acupressure, and integrated eastern and western modalities according to each individual needs.

75 Min
90 Min

Reflexology Massage

Ancient Chinese foot massage, which relaxes the whole body and spirit.

½ Hour $55

Scalp Therapy

Warmed aromatic oils are applied onto the hair and scalp followed by a gentle massage on the head, neck and shoulders. Great for stress relief and circulation.

½ Hour $50

Duet Massage

Enjoy One Hour Full Body Massage for two partners, mothers and daughters, or simply friends lying side by side with hot towels.

1 Hour $175

Steam Sauna

Our brand new state-of-the-art steam sauna will help relax muscles, reduce tension and stress, open pores to deep clean the inner layers of the skin, relieve symptoms of allergies, asthma and other sinus problems, and encourages the movement of blood through the body for improved circulation.

½ Hour $35

Shirodhara Therapy

Derived from an ancient Indian tradition, this treatment is designed to help promote deep relaxation using a fine stream of warm oil on the middle of the forehead. This treatment helps to restore balance and bring clarity to the mind. Helps to relieve stress, headache and sinus problems. It also improves the quality of your sleep. The treatments have a rhythm and flow that covers the neck, face and scalp.

1 Hour$100

Shiatsu and Asian Body

1 Hour $110

4 Handed Massage

45 min $190

Couples Massage

Enjoy your stay as you lay side by side for a tranquility couples Massage with Hot towels.

1 Hour $175
1 ½ Hour $255

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth polished stones are heated and incorporated in to massage. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles and relives stress.

1 Hour $100
1 ½ Hour $130

Hot Stone Couples Massage

1 Hour $220
1 ½ Hour $285

Prenatal Massage

A massage designated to reduce stress put on the body due to pregnancy. This gentle massage provides relaxation and helps relieve edema for the mother to be!! Prenatal massage can be done safely after the first trimester with your doctor's permission.

1 Hour $90

Ear Candling

A practice that dates back to ancient times in which a cone shaped "candle" is softly placed in the ear and burned to create soothing warmth. Ear wax and other debris are softened. The sinuses and ear canals are massaged to help promote clearing. Ear candling is great for those that suffer from allergies and sinus issues.


Sports or Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is used to release chronic patterns of muscular tension using slow strokes, direct pressure, or friction usually on the focused problem area.

1 Hour $75

Back Massage

This massage focuses solely on relieving the back from stress, muscle tension and pain by using a combination of Swedish and deep-tissue techniques as well as hot towels to promote complete relaxation.

1 Hour $95

One Hour Massage with Back Exfoliation

Prior to receiving this one hour full body massage, the massage therapist will use a tropical scrub to exfoliate the back. The therapist will also include hot towels in this session so you can achieve total relaxation and rejuvenation.

75 min $120

Arnica Muscle and Joint Massage

The anti-inflammatory agents of arnica are blended with rosemary and bay laurel to relieve muscle congestion and joint pain in this relaxing massage.

60 min $90

Neck and Shoulder Massage

This relaxing massage uses both Swedish and deep tissue techniques to help remove built up muscle tension and stress from the neck and shoulder area.

30 min $55
60 min $100

Massage for Sinus Congestion

Essential oils are applied during the session to help relieve sinus pressure. The massage therapist will concentrate on the face, head, and neck area, which are common areas for sinus pressure and congestion.

1 Hour $95



10840 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 201, Columbia, MD 21044
410-992-6SPA (6772)
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